Saturday, August 2, 2008

Green Apples

This apple tree has been producing for around 30 years. A prairie hardy tree of Siberian lineage planted by my parents. A couple of hundred pounds of tiny sour green apples that ripen in early september. They don't even keep a single day once the apples are off the tree. The deer eat their share, buckets are raked up daily for the compost pile, wasps eat a few, squirrels eat a few. I takes two hours to peel and core a kettle for sauce, almost as long for a couple of pies. The cut fruit oxidizes instantly to bright amber. Stains fingers dark for days.

Hot, crisp potato pancakes from autumn dug russets topped with fresh green apple sauce, cold sour cream, and fresh cracked pepper, flakes of Maldon sea salt. perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know...My golden does the same thing. You can thin it for fewer larger apples if you want. Looks very healthy...Organic, or do you spray?